hey, does this sound like you...

You have tried to lose weight before but nothing seems to work, or if it does, it doesn't last long.
This is something I hear from new clients all the time!  You see, our usual sources of advice when it comes to weight loss, tend to use an approach that is unsustainable and often unhealthy. 

You're tired ALL THE TIME!
You just want to get back to feeling the way you used to.  You want the 'old you' back!

You try to workout but you can't get motivated. Those intense workouts everyone is doing, just seem to make you feel worse!

You've lost your vitality and your lust for life! You don't have the energy to do all those things you used to love!

You want a 'Health Centred' approach to losing weight, and re-gaining your energy!  

No Fad diets, no 'magic' pills or shakes!

You're tired of all of the conflicting health and fitness information from internet 'experts' with no real-world experience

Be guided by a qualified sports scientist, Holistic Health Coach, & Personal Trainer with over 13 years experience.

You've started diets or workout programs before, but you lose motivation quickly.

Get laser-focussed on your goals and stay motivated, inspired & supported by me and the rest of your 'Health Lab' buddies.

You want a way to make your weight loss permanent & sustainable.

Learn how and why your body loses weight and develop a true understanding of what true health really means. Never 'diet' again!

You want a program that works around you and your free time.

Work through the course materials at your own pace and in your own time!

When joining me in The Health Lab, Rachael's desire was to gain more energy, get some assistance with some digestive problems she was experiencing, and ideally, to get sick less often!

Here's what she had to say afterwards:

Client Testimonial : Rachael Barry

You have an amazing support network and accountability partners. When you're not feeling it and you need a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, or a good old fashioned kick up the butt!

You now understand the areas of your health that are a priority for you, and you know you have the information and support to improve them.

You have started to exercise in a way that works WITH your body, and your current health & fitness requirements.  No more guessing about what workout is right for you!

You understand how Stress affects your health, bodyweight, and quality of life, and you have a plan for how to reduce or eliminate stressors from your life.

You are clear on what is truly important in your life and this motivates you to become a healthier, happier version of yourself.

You have learned what good nutrition actually means, and how the foods you choose to eat effect your mood, hormones, sleep, energy, as well as how much body fat you carry.

You know when and how to switch up your workouts so you keep making progress without damaging your health or your ability to burn fat.

You have created a weekly meal plan that is simple to follow, easy to prepare, and is full of foods you enjoy!  Moreover, its sustainable. You never have to guess what to eat again!

Close Your Eyes for a Second and Imagine How Healthy, Strong & Empowered You Would Feel!

When I was starting out as a Personal Trainer I already had a degree in Sports & Exercise Science, and I thought I knew everything about how to coach my clients to lose weight.

It's all about burning more calories than you eat, right?  (hint:  it's really not!)

My clients often thought the same thing too, and as a result, their progress was often limited to losing some weight for the first few weeks, and then being frustrated at the lack of continued progress - no matter how much they dieted.

After a few weeks of thinking to myself:

"hmmm, clearly these guys aren't doing what I'm asking them to do.  They MUST be cheating with their diet!"

I'm kinda embarrassed to admit it, now that i know better, but it took me lots of digging;  deeper and deeper in to Holistic Health, and Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching before I started to be able to understand how we must 'Stack the Blocks' of health that allow our body to lose weight. 

This is what I will teach you here.  How to 'stack your own blocks' so that your body becomes healthier from the inside-out, finds balance, and allows your body to shed excess fat, create the energy you were meant to have, sleep soundly, worry less, and live not only a healthier, but a happier life too!

Would you like that? 

I have created an online presence as The Fitness Geek, but you can call me Paul.

I have been involved in coaching health & fitness, in some way, for over 13 years. Since graduating with an Honours Degree in Sport & Exercise Science, coaching people to become fitter, faster, and stronger was what I loved to do. 

When I began working with 'real' people who just wanted to lose weight, or feel better about themselves, I had a real shock!

It was HARD!

Real people, with real lives, responsibilities, jobs, bills, stresses, commitments, emotional issues, health problems, and limitations (both physical & psychological) were a tough bunch to work with.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, I began to learn more about the principles of Holistic Health.  This means understanding how each system within our body is intimately connected and reliant on the next in order to function optimally, and produce a healthy body, mind & spirit.

(For example, did you know that your Gut function is directly linked to your sleep quality, your hormone levels, and your ability to lose weight?)

I continued my education as a CHEK Practitioner & Holistic Lifestyle Coach. I became certified as a Metabolic Typing Advisor and FDN (Functional Diagnostic Nutrition) Practitioner, and continued to see better and better results with my clients when using these principles.

After coaching HUNDREDS of people over the last decade, I decided that I wanted to make all of the information I have learned over the years, available to more and more people - doing it one person at a time is great, but I thought there had to be a better way!

I began creating the beginnings of what I now call 'The Health Lab'!  Let me tell you more about it, and the lovely people that have already seen the results...

Client Testimonial : Angela Fletcher

Angela loved the fact that The Health Lab is self-paced so she could fit the videos &  lessons around looking after her two little boys (and her husband too!)

Here's what she had to say about her results...

Client Testimonial : Kamini Plaha

I was so touched when Alexandra described my course as 'Life Changing!'
She saw some real significant changes to her health and you can too!
She also loved the meal planning guides.  Here's what she produced in class...

Client Testimonial : Alexandra Marin

  • Work Through The Modules At Your Own Pace - no rigid deadlines so you can watch each lesson according to your own schedule.
  • Weekly Coaching Calls with me and the rest of the class - Ask any questions you have, let us know what you are struggling with, and receive the support and encouragement you need to keep you on track!
  • Private Facebook Group - Post your completed work, get my feedback, share your wins, ideas and support for the rest of your class.  Supporting others is shown to increase your own motivation too!
  • What is Stress - Discover what exactly stress is & how it effects you, both mentally and physically.
  • Assess Your Stress - Use the in-built tools to identify the hidden stressors (as well as the obvious ones) in your own life.
  • Understand how these stressors contribute to weight gain, lethargy, low libido and more!
  • Reduce Your Stress - I will show you how to methodically reduce or eliminate stress from your own life.
  • Which Forms of Exercise are the best for YOU! - at last you can discover which types of exercise YOU should be doing based on YOUR current health status and goals! (no more cookie cutter programs!)
  • Learn Why We Need Various Types of Exercise - and the benefits of each
  • How to Safely Perform BIG BANG Exercises - Get Stronger, Leaner, and Improve your Posture no matter how much of a beginner you are!
  • Learn how to Create Your Own Workouts -  I will guide you through creating your very own workouts so you understand the process.
  • Your Starting Point  - Assess your current state of health & which areas you need to prioritise
  • Goal Setting - Why you have been doing this wrong all along (and how to set goals that inspire you!)
  • Discover Your big WHY!  - Delve deep in to what motivates  you to do what you do (and how to use this to drive you forward)
  • What Good Nutrition Really Is - Learn the principles of good nutrition and how we have lost sight of the fundamentals of a healthy diet.
  • Ditch the Calorie Counting For Good - and learn what to do instead so you never have to weigh food or count calories EVER AGAIN!
  • How to Create Simple, Healthy & Effective Meal Plans - Once you start doing this you will wonder how you ever did things any other way!
  • Which foods to eat more of to supercharge your health - Focus more on all of the amazing foods you CAN eat, rather than which you can't.

The Health Lab

The Full 8 Week Program

Everything You Need to Increase Your Energy, Lose Weight & Feel Amazing!

Access To The Health Lab Classroom

A beautiful way to watch my video lessons, download your interactive worksheets, and see whats coming up in the course.

2 Week 'Implement & Sustain' Phase

Stay supported when the course ends with this 2 week phase designed to guide you while you implement the new habits you have learned

Private Facebook Group

Meet your fellow students, submit your homework, have a safe place to ask questions, and stay supported through the whole course!

Weekly Coaching Calls

Something you're not sure about? Ask your questions or share your progress with me and the rest of your group in these weekly Video Calls.

Access Recordings of Weekly Coaching Calls

Just in case you want to listen back (or if miss one) you can watch the calls anytime!