About Me

Paul SmethurstPaul Smethurst graduated from University with an honours degree in Sports & Exercise Science and since then has made it his life work to learn, research, and teach the latest, most effective methods for creating a healthy mind and body.

Pauls’ approach is one which tries to provide the best advice, in a way which is simple, easy to understand, and, more importantly, simple to implement.

“I created this site as ‘The Fitness Geek’ because I am passionate about what I do and I realise that there is so much health and fitness information (often contradictory information) out there, and I really wanted to get across to real people that creating better health does not have to be that hard or confusing.”

“Making simple changes to your diet, the way we move, and how we choose to view food, can yield truly massive, often life changing results. I want to encourage and educate everyone, particularly women, that they CAN and SHOULD take more responsibility for their own health, and for the health of their families. after all, we all know that you ladies are the major influence on how our families eat, drink, move, learn, and live”

“To that end, I have created a free ebook and coaching videos that allow you to get a taste of the things I work on with my private clients, without the $100 per hour fees! I hope you go right ahead and sign up. This could be the start of a whole new chapter of Health & Happiness for you!.

Paul provides regular video blogs from his home in London, UK.  He provides online consulting and coaching to clients worldwide, and also in person from his workplace in South Kensington, London.  You can enquire about working personally with Paul by emailing paul@thefitnessgeek.tv

In the meantime though, dont forget to enter your name and email below so you will receive your FREE copy of his e-book; ‘5 Weeks to a Healthier, Happier You!’  You will be glad you did!

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